“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going”

Running for a goal is great, being coached for it is better!

Let yourself be guided through this long haul physical and mental challenge.

Guaranty your health until the finish with the following packages:


  • First meeting where your physical and mental state will be assessed with your coach
  • 1  month training program, extension possible per month
  • A monthly tailor made training program
  • Assessment of the program two times a month (phone or meeting)
  • One weekly private coaching 
  • Food and outfit tips
  • Your coach is available for any question at any time by phone or e-mail
  • Also possible: sport shopping!
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  • improve your way of running
  • start to run
  • in a unique 1,5 hours coaching
  • running stroke analyse
  • with tips & tricks from Running Coach Hélène
  • BONUS: Get your personal running stroke analyse + technique and trainings tips in a document after the session
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WARNING : Limited places